She Lives Without Something ‘Important’… And She Manages Just Fine.

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Everything about the way our society is structured is focused on obtaining more: Get more degrees so you can earn more money, earn more money so you can buy more things, and buy more things so you have tangible evidence of all of your hard work. The chase for more is an easy pattern to fall into, and a difficult cycle to break.

But what if the idea of having and acquiring more was suddenly stripped away? What if you rid yourself of all excess, trimmed the proverbial fat off of your life, and hit the road with nothing but a suitcase and a newfound attitude about the world around you?

14 years ago, Heidemarie Schwermer did just that.



What began as an exchange of favors in lieu of money has turned into nearly a decade-and-a-half sabbatical from money, possessions, or a permanent home. Schwermer believes that life can be much richer once you purge yourself of unecessary material desire, and having money means that your material desires can never truly end.

It's an extreme thought, but a compelling one. In fact, German filmmakers have documented Schwermer's life and mission in a film called Living Without Money. Want to see more? Check out the documentary website here.

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