6 Amazing Artists Who Paint Without Using Their Hands.

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Say hello to Ani K, the astounding tongue painter.

Art is everywhere. It's the graffiti under the bridge. It's the murals on an abandoned building. It's the interactive sculpture in the park. Wherever you look, you can see the creative mind of an artist at play. One of the most phenomenal aspects of art is the creator's ability to use whatever they have on hand to bring their emotions to life. As you already know, most artists use their hands to paint their portraits and murals, but not these artists. These unbelievably talented individuals give the term "body painting" an entirely new meaning.

No, Ani K does not paint pictures of people's tongues. Instead, he actually uses his tongue as the brush. Ani K states that he was inspired to paint with a different part of his body by an artist who had lost his hands, so he had to begin painting with his feet.

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