Do You Have Any Of These Toys From The '90s? They Might Be Worth A Small Fortune!

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Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Series

Every single one of you was given a toy or two when you were a child. As soon as you were given one, though, you most likely ripped it out of the package to play with it immediately. Fortunately, there were some people out there who avoided the temptation and allowed the toy to sit in the box to remain immortal in the cardboard or plastic. Those people made wise decisions because some of those toys are now worth insane amounts of money.

Kids have been playing with these timeless toys since 1968, but they probably never imagined how much some of them would be worth. Every year, Mattel releases a Treasure Hunt Series, which have been limited to between 1,500 and 5000 copies. From 1995 to 2002, JCPenney sold these collectible sets. In fact, the Treasure Hunt Series sold by JCPenney in 1996 can actually bring in a few hundred dollars!