11 Unmistakable Signs You’re With The Wrong Guy.


Everyone is busy but he just does not seem to ever have the time to text you. Regardless of the time of day, he communicates back slowly, very slowly.

When you have strong feelings towards someone you hope that person feels the same way. It’s difficult to know if the object of your affection wants to move into a serious relationship or it’s simply a platonic connection.

But since actions speak louder than words, it is important to recognize what he means based on how he behaves when he is with you as well as away from you. It may be hard to admit that he is just not that into you. Once you know the signs you will know immediately to move on to a happier and uncomplicated relationship.

He is constantly giving excuses why he cannot spend time with you.

You feel like you need to send out a search and rescue for him. You never seem to know what he is up to or who he is with.

What does he mean by that? Is he trying to be witty or simply flirting with you? His texts are ambiguous and it's beginning to get on your nerves.

A deep conversation is off the table. He does not want to talk about himself or his life. Likewise, he is disinterested in getting to know you beyond the surface.

He just cannot commit to making plans. Whether it is planning a date a week in advance or a road trip together should not be an impossible task.


It's all about his friends. It's cool that he is a loyal friend but not when going out with the guys always gets top priority.


Spending time together to enjoy the latest Netflix series is cool. Just don't make it into the only thing you do.

When you got out it's only for drinks. Not only does a nice dinner take longer than a few drinks, it also tends to cost more.


He does not like it when you leave your stuff at his place. He will either bring it back to your place, hide it or make it disappear.

Andrea Harner

He is way too chummy with his ex. It is not just about being friends but the constant and unusual communication the two maintain is unsettling.