I Just Read This New York City Survival Guide. Now I Know How Long A Kiss Should Last.


New York City is always busy. With 8 million people living in only 469 square miles and over 50 million tourists each year, there's plenty to learn about getting around in the Big Apple. Illustrator Nathan Pyle created a book of useful tips and etiquette for newbies. Pyle moved to Manhattan five years ago from Ohio, and wanted to pass along the helpful information he learned from his own personal experiences.

What's the comfort distance in certain situations? How does one avoid a trash tornado? How exactly do I get a cab's attention? What will happen if you stand in the bike lane for too long? What constitutes a 'polite' honk of the car horn? What the heck is a bodega? These things will be useful for any traveller to know in NYC and Pyle makes it easy as pie to learn and remember.

You can find NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette on Amazon and iTunes.

These really made me laugh! After being in NYC, I can totally agree with them. Which tips and etiquette points do you think he should draw up next?