20 Stunning Examples Of Reflection Photography That Will Leave You In Awe.


A breathtaking reflection of Lake Michigan in the clouds captured by a passenger inside an airplane.

In this day and age, it's normal to assume a photo on the Internet is edited. Manipulating a photo nowadays is easy to do with the help of programs like Photoshop. The best photos, however, are the ones created naturally — especially when it comes to the type of photos that will play with a person's mind.

A great way to capture a naturally surreal photo is taking advantage of reflections. They create optical illusions that'll make you view something with a different perspective.

Reflections can be found everywhere and in everything. It all depends on the photographer's creative eye!

Mark Hersch

Reflections on these pots lined up just right.


A reflection of the sunset on a building that makes it look like it's burning from within.


A reflection of the moon that connects to the underneath of a bridge to form its own version of a moon.


A reflection of tapestry delicately placed in a cup of morning coffee.


A flawless reflection of the sky and clouds in a huge body of water.

Carlos M. Almagro

Multiple mini reflections of flowers in little water drops on the stem of another flower.

Miki Asai

A reflection of Prague in a wine glass that looks like its own little world.


A reflection of the night sky in a puddle where the gravel looks like stars.


Beautiful and perfectly asymmetrical lake reflections of the trees in Hyde Park during the Fall.

gabriele corno

A newly wed couple kissing inside an aquarium reflected to look like the wife is kissing a shark.


A beautiful reflection of a colorful Scottlish Landscape in a river.

Michal Vitasek

An inception-like reflection of New York within the buildings of New York.

Trey Ratcliff

A funny reflection of the chairs in the room on the clear podium that makes it look like the kind man wet his pants.


A reflection of an identical car from the window that perfectly matches.


A reflection of the girl's shirt that makes it look like the chimpanzee is wearing.

It looks like the chimpanzee has adopted her cleavage too.


A reflection of a woman's upper body paired with a man's head creating an odd sight.


A reflection of Milan perfectly placed within a tuba as if the city was living in an instrument.

Diego Bardone

A tree that's lost all its leaves only to create the perfect tree reflection.


A reflection of the ground and nature inside a clear crystal ball that creates an upside down world.