He Cared About Earth’s Dwindling Resources… So He Designed A Different Kind Of Furniture.

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For you, cardboard might just be what's left over after a big move, an option for no-hassle storage, or a vessel of endless entertainment for your favorite feline. For Dutch designer Joost van Bleiswijk, cardboard is much, much more.

Together with his design company, Nothing, van Bleiswijk created a space-saving office made entirely of sheets of 15mm honeycomb cardboard. Using the material, he created tables, desks, pillars, bookshelves, chairs, and even a staircase - Cardboard is obviously much tougher than you originally thought.

Perhaps the most impressive part of all this is the fact that van Bleiswijk created this streamlined office without any glue, nails, or screws. It's cardboard-chic at it's purest, and these pictures will make you rethink your entire approach to workspace.


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