27 USEFUL Office Gadgets, But DON’T Show #4 To Your BOSS.


A solar USB charger for the people who are out of outlet spaces.

When you work in an office environment, it's more than likely that you and your peers all have the same materials and office supplies. Everything is uniform, as they all come from the same place.

Of course most people will try to personalize their work space, whether it's an office or a cubicle. They'll maybe put up a picture frame or two and try to decorate their desk with whatever they find cool. But why decorate with cool useless items that are just for show when you can have cool gadgets that are actually of use?

We've complied a list of some of the coolest gadgets for the office and they're great to use for various situations. Check out below for some new office supplies you might want to buy for yourself or a friend.


A desktop punching ball to help relieve any stress you may be having in the office.


A notepad roller that allows you to rip off the exact amount of paper needed.


The BS button, made specifically for situations where BS happens.

Better than throwing a tantrum/fit.


A smartphone sanitizer because we all know how dirty our phones can get.


A cat post-it dispenser for the cat lovers!


A drinklip cup holder so you don't have to worry about making space for or spilling your coffee on your desk.


A whiteboard wall clock that helps you keep organized with your daily agenda.


A LED programmable message fan that can display any witty message you want.


A wireless key-finder for all the people who always ends up late for work because they spent too much time looking for their keys.


A portable photo scanner so you can scan anything anywhere at anytime.


Cute hand warmers for the people who work in freezing environments.


Error message sticky notes to leave around on desktops of the people you don't like.

It's always nice to point out their errors.


A portable wind up shredder so you can destroy any paper on the go.


A monitor rear-view mirror so you can check if anyone's ever coming up behind you while you're doing something you're not supposed to be doing.


A portable cup warmer to keep your hot drink hot all day.


A personal mini fridge to hold all your cold personal drinks.


A sticky note roll that you can write as long as a message you want and tear from the roll.

It's like an updated post-it note.


A paper table for the ultimate brainstorm sessions.


A USB mail notifier that'll notify you whenever you have a new email or message.


Special "like" paper clips that can be used to clip your favorite documents.


A stealth switch that allows you to hide any non-work related applications.


A digital smart pen that can not only record audio, but also converts whatever you wrote into digital format.


A treadmill desk so you can get in some cardio while doing work.

Perfect for hard workers who don't have time to go to the gym.


A desk cycle in case you prefer to cycle over walking/running on the treadmill.


A hammock for your feet on days you just want to relax.

AKA everyday.


A hole measuring tape that allows you not only to draw straight lines but also circles with precision.