Bride Is Reunited With 150 Year-Old Wedding Dress Thanks To A Viral Post.

The family had taken the dress to Kleen Cleaners, ironically thinking it was in safe hands. When Newall's father, Patrick Gammell, went to go pick up the dress, however, he found out that the company had gone into administration.

Family heirlooms hold a value that cannot be replaced. They're passed down generation after generation within a family. Heirlooms can be anything from a piece of jewelry to a notebook to a piece of clothing. A very common heirloom that's passed down from female to female in a family is a wedding dress.

Tess Newall had fallen in love with her great-great-grandmother's antique wedding gown when she first locked eyes with it. She wore it at her wedding in a Scottish village church to Alfred Newall just last June.

Her family took her dress to the dry cleaners after the wedding but almost instantly regretted it afterwards.