37 Wonderfully Weird Old Photos That Show Just How Much We’ve Changed.


The oldest known selfie. (1839

We chose 37 photographs from the past. They did many things very differently back then compared to today, but some things are still the same…

People posed next to the Statue of Liberty as it was unpacked in 1886.

A boy wearing prosthetic legs posing with his toy.

A skater sales girl.

A proud pose in her swimsuit.

A knocker up waking up his clients. This was the alarm clock of the early 20th century.

A police officer on a Harley and an old fashioned mobile holding cell in 1921.

A mug shot of an Australian gangster in 1925.

Two of the winners of a beauty pageant in 1922.

The MGM lion getting a photo session.

This is how the makers of London’s double dutch busses proved to officials that they weren’t a tipping hazard in 1933.

The parcel post was introduced in 1913, shortly after two children were mailed by rail and postman. This was quickly outlawed.

Anti-prohibitionists mock their opponents in 1919.

Barrels of alcohol were dumped during the prohibition in Detroit in the 1920’s.

Swimsuits weren’t allowed to end more than 6 inches above the knee in the 1920’s.

A couple enjoying an old style zip line in 1923.

This strange helmet was used to help the wearer focus by rendering the wearer deaf, limiting their vision, and piping them full of oxygen in 1925.

Communists demonstrate with a large sculpted pig in 1920’s.

A face mask that protected against sun damage in 1920’s.

Mount Rushmore in 1927 before the faces were carved. 

A zookeeper gives penguins a shower in 1930’s.

Innertube life jackets in the 1930’s.

Baby cages hung outside the apartments for children to get sunlight in the 1930’s.

A pea-picker and mother of 7 during the dust bowl in 1936.

Coco Chanel and Salvador Dali share a smoke in 1938.

WWII soldiers getting their last kiss before deployment.

Marilyn Monroe working in a World War II factory in 1944.

An Austrian boy excited about his new shoes in 1946.

A baby bear drinks a bowl of honey in a cafe in 1950.

A young Paul McCartney takes a mirror selfie in 1959.

A burlesque dancer named Zorita walks her pet snake in the 1930’s.

A young boy attending Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have A Dream” speech in August 1963.

Television glasses that never caught on in 1963. 

A man secretly lights a woman’s cigarette through the Berlin wall in 1989.

Bill Clinton and Hilary Rodham playing volleyball in 1971.

The Microsoft team in 1979. Can you spot Bill Gates?

1930’s version of GPS. This auto scrolling map was supposed to help people with directions in real time.

It's fascinating to see what life was like back then. I can't imagine living in those times. A hundred years from now other people will be looking at photos from today and say the same thing!