They Found 800 Year-Old Seeds… Their Next Move Surprised Everyone.

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The clay pot was found on the Menemonee Reservation in Wisconsin.

If you found out that you had the chance to taste an 800-year-old squash, would you grab your fork and dive in? Before your cringe, know this: The squash was actually grown from 800-year-old seeds, and once harvested, it looks pretty delicious.

This particular species of squash has been extinct for centuries, but students from Winnipeg, Canada found a clay pot full of seeds at an archeological dig in Wisconsin. As it turns out, the seeds were still viable, so they were able to grow the squash that they are now calling"Gete-okosomin," which roughly translates to "really cool old squash."

Inside were these fascinating seeds, dating back over 800 years.

The seeds were planted, and some of them yielded fruit.

Behold: An ancient, extinct squash that has spent centuries out of circulation.

Here's the interior of the "gete-okosomin," which could also translate into "big, old squash."

The students who found and planted the seeds were then able to harvest it. Then came the best part: The feast.


Looks like a squash fit for a meal, doesn't it?


Perhaps more interesting than the squash itself is that this proves that heritage seeds really can be potential for viable food sources, another way that the past can benefit those in the future.

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