18 Ridiculous Photos That Prove Olympic Athletes Are Superhuman.

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USA swimmer Anthony Ervin shaving his entire body on the eve of of US Nationals.

Every four years, people worldwide gather around their tv screens to watch the Olympics. It's a global event participated by the world's greatest athletes in practically every sport. Of course after watching the incredible strength, flexibility, and endurance these Olympians have, some of us begin to question whether or not these people are really human.

But what else do you expect from people have been training all their lives? They're hard working and extremely disciplined. It's their determination that has gotten them to where they are today. And with that determination, comes with some bizarre photos of their everyday life.

Your body's gotta look good for the cameras.

anthony ervin

USA swimmer Nathan Adrian attempting to shave his entire face before a meet.

Something tells me he's doing it wrong.

nathan adrian

Aly Raisman cupping her legs while getting ready for practice.

It looks weird to us but apparently it's normal to athletes.


Usain Bolt taking bits of the track with him after a day of practice.

Are you really training and practicing hard if you don't take parts of it home with you?

usain bolt

US fencer Miles Chamley-Watson showing off his ginormous hand while he talks to Pele, a World Cup champion.

Must have been a great inspirational talk between these two.


British synchronized swimmer Olivia Federici casually stretching after arriving in Belo.

What, you don't stretch like this everyday?


Simone Biles comparing her height to David Lee.

Apparently size difference in olympians doesn't matter, depending on the sport. Here we have 6'8" and 4'8".

Simone Biles

A quad off between German cyclist Robert Forstemann and New Zealand Greg Henderson.

There was obviously a clear winner here.

greg henderson

British sprinter Harry Aikines flexing his veiny muscular legs.

For Harry, everyday is leg day.


A little girl holding up two Brazilian gymnasts as they're mid-flip.

That's one impressive little girl, she's a future olympian for sure.

arthur nory

Basketball players Jimmy Butler and DeAndre Jordan comparing heights with tiny gymnasts Ragan Smith and Ashton Locklear.

Isn't the height difference astounding? Imagine if two people like that were a couple.


All the tape Simon Biles needs versus all the tape Aly Raisman needs.

Is Simon human? We do not know.

aly raisman

USA weightlifter Sarah Robles holding up a fork with just only her forehead.

She calls it a useless talent, but we disagree.


Swimmer Ryan Lochte stretching before eating a 10,000 calorie meal.

Yeah that's normal. 10,000 calories in one sitting. Perfectly normal.

Ryan Lochte

British diver Dan Goodfellow casually hanging out on the 10-meter diving platform.

Not a bad view if I don't say so myself.

danniel goodfellow

Usain Bolt messing around and proving that he can defy gravity.

As Usain says, anything is possible right?

usain bolt

Nathan Adrian cupping his triceps after a couple of weight sessions.

Yup, this definitely looks weird... and painful.

nathan adrian

**And last but not least, we have Harry Aikines dancing his pecs to Rihanna's song 'Work.'**

When boredom strikes ?? @teamgb #Rio #HoldingCamp

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