She Had No Idea Why The Crew Was Staring Until It Was Too Late.

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What Are you Gawking At?

The downside to Live TV is that there's no pause button, no do overs, and no video editing. This means anything can happen when you're on the air. Fortunately, these little mishaps wind up being used as bloopers. But other times, the unpredictable nature of Live TV can have tragic consequences. So here are some crazy live moments that viewers can never forget.


Primer Impacto host Jackie Guerrido, of the Univision network, was wearing a white knit mini dress. But this wasn't a surprise to anyone as her style often involved revealing outfits. Unfortunately, this dress made it seem like she was wearing no bra or undies underneath. Obviously, this concerned many of the viewers. Now, do you think you can get high at work and get away with it? The truth will totally shock you.