This Hilarious Video Reveals The Truth Behind Those ‘Perfect’ Online Photos.

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“I want to show that what’s behind pictures on social networks is not exactly what you think,” Hồ said.

When you see a photo on the internet, you can almost certainly assume that something about it has been changed. It might be as simple as a filter, or as complicated as an elaborate editing session in Photoshop. The point is, few images are really what they seem, and this photographer wanted to poke fun at that phenomenon in the best possible way.

His name is Hồ Anh Đức, and he is a Vietnam-based social media buff that created a video to show the truth of picture-perfect images that litter places like Instagram and Facebook. According to him, stretching the truth of a photo is a lot easier than loading it into Photoshop -- all you need is the help of friends, a peculiar pose or two, and a little bit of ingenuity.

It's true: It's virtually impossible to get a "romantic" image like this without a little bit of trickery.

Sometimes, the best photos come from the strangest poses.

**To see more of the place where social media images meet reality, check out the video below.**

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