27 Photos That Only Neat Freaks Will Understand. #9 Cured My OCD.

I like to be organized. My calendar is perfectly marked with everything that needs to be accomplished. I even arrange Lego pieces by their color; that project took several hours to complete but the satisfaction was well worth it. My OCD has even found me taking photos of my kids clothes so I know what they have for what season. Closets in my home have shoes in their appropriate boxes, clothing is hung up neatly and even the hangers have hooks facing the wall. It may seem like a lot of work, which it is, but it brings me great harmony and peace when everything is where it should be.

Imagine my joy when perfectly organized items in the pictures below confirm I am not the only person that needs things in order. When you look at these photos, I guarantee it will feel like all the stars have aligned and you have found your place among them.