Orphaned Baby Kangaroo Adopted This Cop As His Mom. Watch What He Does…

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Cuejo needs to be fed every three hours, making the constable's days long and busy.

Constable Scott Mason is the proud new father of two; mind you, one is his newborn with his wife and another is a kangaroo named Cuejo. Constable Scott Mason rescued the joey when its mother was killed after being hit by a truck.

Mason pulled the four-month-old out of her pouch and has taken it upon himself to take care of the animal. The officer from Cue in Western Australia, uses his own shirt as makeshift for the roo to jump in and cuddle. Cuejo probably sees Mason as its adoptive mom as it constantly follows him around the police station.

Cue Police

Officer Scott Mason use to be a paramedic before joining the force. His life saving skills have come in handy lately.

Cue Police

"It’s going to be my little child basically as my wife’s in Perth with our newborn," says the new dad.

Cue Police

->**Cuejo never leaves his human's side.**<-

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