Mamma Sea Otter Swims Her Baby Pup Way Out Into The Ocean And Leaves Him There.

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You read that right. This momma sea otter swam her adorable little sea pup way out into the ocean, and then left him there, and you’re about to learn why.


When the baby otter started to yell, “Maam! Maaaam!” my heart swelled up. Thankfully, she really does love her baby!

Otters are an interesting species. Females outnumber males by 5 to 1, and both males and females typically stay in their own single-sex groups called rafts of about 10-100. The biggest raft ever seen had over 2000 sea otters, all splayed out on some foreign beach while they soak in the sun. Also, just because sea otters live in the sea doesn’t mean they don’t drift away from each other without much effort. They’ll wrap themselves up in seaweed to make it easier to relax and stay close to one another. And even though they can be social creatures, they spend most of their time alone since each adult otter can find its own food, self-groom, and defend against predators.

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