This Lettuce-Loving Otter Thinks It’s Time For You To Consider Salads.

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Most of the time the best part of eating a salad is the toppings. Leafy greens don’t carry much of a punch when it comes to flavour. Hence, a little dressing, fruits, and nuts can make all the difference when it comes to eating our greens.

That is unless you are an otter named Ayako. This adorable mammal can be seen on the video munching on iceberg lettuce like it’s the most delicious meal ever. Ayako enjoys the plant so much he quickly stuffs more in his mouth.

Otters learn to be great hunters from a young age. Their diet includes crabs, shellfish, and fish. This may explain Ayako’s love of lettuce; it probably tastes like an exotic delicacy for this adorably mammal. Ayako may just be the best spoke person or spoke animal to get everyone to eat their greens.


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