Dad’s Epic Daycare Fail Is Making Mom’s Everywhere Roll Their Eyes.

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Jeremy had no idea he was supposed to put Olivia in a shirt to go along with her overalls. At least he's honest about his lack of fashion knowledge.

Men today are involved in a lot of the house work that has been historically performed by women whether they worked or not. Aside from being part of the cleaning, cooking, and mundane but needed chores, husbands also take their role as fathers very seriously.

Whether it’s changing diapers, getting the baby ready for a nap or simply playing with them, there is nothing super dads can’t do. Sometimes they are even better at this parenting thing than the moms. Yet, there may be one last hurdle dads everywhere need to overcome and that is the ability to dress their kids without messing up.

Brooke Hawley-Basson picked up her daughter Olivia from daycare. She realized when her husband Jeremy dressed the baby in the morning, she didn’t get to see what he put her in. Even Jeremy was not 100% sure what he chose for the seven-month-old when his wife texted him about it.

Brooke Hawley-Basso‎

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