Watching An Owl Fly Over A Bed Of Feathers Reveals An AMAZING Secret.

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Barn owls are stealth hunters with perfect eyesight, night vision, and excellent hearing. These stunning creatures are able to fly low over other animals without being heard or felt. Bird trainers Lloyd and Rose Buck from the United Kingdom, put one of their barn owls Kensa through an experiment to reveal just how quiet barn owls fly.

A sound recorder and bird expert used high-end microphones in a studio to pick up any sound made by Smudge a pigeon, Moses the peregrine falcon, and 11-year-old Kensa. The difference between the three is huge. Each bird had Lloyd waiting for a meaty treat, encouraging them to fly.

When you watch the video of Kensa flying, it becomes clear that her prey has no chance of survival. Barn owls appear to have super powers.


Next, watch another one of Lloyd and Rose Buck's owl learn how to fly.

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