This Panda Daycare Actually Exists, And It’s The Most Adorable Place On Earth.

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Here they are, in all their adorable glory. Yes, this is really seven pandas sleeping in a crib.

There are two factors that make this story exceptionally awesome. One, baby pandas are, quite literally, the cutest thing that has ever been gifted to us by mother nature. Two, they're increasingly hard to breed, which makes the efforts of a place like this all the more important.

It's the panda daycare center at the Chengdu Research Base in China, and they have come up with a new system to breed, nurture, and release their pandas back into the wild. They do so with the hopes that eventually, the panda population will be able to stabilize itself and move off the the endangered species list. It's a noble effort, and the photos from the daycare center are simply amazing.

Chengdu Research Base