Teen Track Star Paralyzed By Car Crash Walks Around Track!

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Tre Lawson could run laps around a track with the speed and grace of an Olympic runner.

Tre Lawson was a great athlete and very popular with his high school friends. He also had a dream he wanted to achieve — becoming a college track star. Tre was so driven that no one could have foreseen what happened to him in 2017. He was on his way home with some friends when the car he was in lost control and fell off a ravine. As the vehicle dropped so had Tre’s dreams, but he wasn’t out for the count.

He was hoping to become a college track star someday, but then life threw him a curveball. It happened in 2017. The high school student from Macon, Georgia, was on his way home when his life was radically altered.

Tre Lawson

Both Tre and his friends were in a car on their way home from a track meet when they lost control.

The car wound up falling down a 30-foot ravine, and it almost severed Tre’s spinal cord in the process. Fortunately, he had survived, but the accident had left him completely paralyzed from the waist down.

Tre Lawson / Facebook

Tre was emotionally wrecked by his condition, which put an end to his dream of being a track runner.

His athletic career had been shot down before it even had a chance to start. Before the accident, top schools like Auburn and Clemson had reached out to recruit him and now all those opportunities were gone.

Tre Lawson / Facebook

The teen wasn’t in a good place mentally and had considered ending it all while he was in the hospital.

Then, something changed. “On the third day I was there, I was going around and you see some people can’t move their arms,” Tre explained. “You just realized you are blessed with another chance.” So, he decided to work hard to regain what he had lost.

Tre Lawson

Now that he had an epiphany, Tre was on the road, or in this instance, the track to recovery.

He set up Rolling Hope, a non-profit organization that raises money for the Shepherd Center and spinal cord injury research. After pushing himself month after month, Tre was finally able to stand and walk using a walker.

@FlawsyTre / Twitter

Two years passed since his horrific accident and Tre was now a freshman at Fort Valley State University.

In early April, he shared a video on Twitter which showed him using a walker to walk a lap around a track while his friends cheered him on. In the caption, he wrote: “I’ve dreamed of the day when I would be finally strong enough to go around a track.”

@FlawsyTre / Twitter

Each step he took in the video was proof that perseverance is the key to overcoming any obstacle.

If anything, he hoped that his actions would inspire others, and it undoubtedly did. Millions of people celebrated Tre’s accomplishment as they watched the footage. But this was just the beginning for Tre.

@FlawsyTre / Twitter

Tre wants to walk a lap a week and eventually become strong enough to do two and ditch the walker.

There are two things fueling his determination; one is his mom and the other is the memory of his late brother. “I have his picture at my bedside, and he gives me energy,” Tre shared. Given how much drive this young man has, we have no doubt he’ll get to walk without his walker soon!

@FlawsyTre / Twitter

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