11 Funny Cartoons Describe The Messy Reality Of Parenting, The Last One Is So True.

Katie Kirby is not a world-class artist, yet her sketches have a strong following. The 35-year-old mom of two boys has taken her experiences of parenthood and channelled them in her stick figure drawings.

Kirby could not find any blogs or sites that spoke about the challenges mom and dads face everyday. “I started this blog on a whim one night, probably under the influence of gin after a bad day.” Her blog Hurrah For Gin is full of funny anecdotes like how decorating the Christmas tree really looks like with kids and how going grocery-shopping alone truly is a gift.

The mom from Brighton, United Kingdom, says that although her stick figures are no masterpieces, she tries, “to give a real and humorous account of parenting young children – the happy, the sad, the good and the bad.”