The Paris Attacks Have Inspired Artists To Make This Moving Tribute.

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When we experience loss, grief, and trauma, among other hard-hitting emotions, sometimes there are no words. Sometimes, other mediums work better. The tragic terrorist attacks that struck Paris, France on November 13, 2015 have sparked a range of sentiments across the world and in addition, an expansive gallery to pay tribute to the victims.

Though cynics may feel as though the flood of news covering the event will desensitize audiences, these examples of artwork show that the world is chock full of genuine support for Paris. Let's hope that as the days go on, the support will continue - beyond trends and beyond words - as we stand up to face the unknown.

Let us also remember to extend our support to places, such as Beirut and Baghdad, that have been attacked by the Islamic State (IS) earlier this year.



"Blood is Red

But so is Love

You made me bleed

Can I make you love?

For the beautiful Paris "


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Steve Benson

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