23 Treats And Snacks For 4th Of July That Will Light Your Party On Fire.


Kids can get amped up and impatient waiting for the fireworks show to begin, but you honestly can't blame them.

It's finally that time of year again — the time of year where families get together for backyard barbecues, laughter, and fireworks. It's the time of year where we all come together in solidarity to remember why we're here in the first place. The 4th of July is not only a time of remembrance, it's also a time for celebration! If you're getting ready for your annual 4th of July party, keep reading to discover these fun do-it-yourself 4th of July decorations and festive foods for you can make for your gathering. Follow the links below each photo for further instructions and recipes.

Instead of driving yourself crazy trying to get them to sit still and relax, you could make them a 4th of July treat box. Just put some of their favorite snacks, glowsticks, and some little activities, such as crayons and blank paper, in a 4th of July themed container to keep them preoccupied until the big show starts.

A Kailo Chic Life

It is July after all, so it's getting hot outside in most parts of the country.

Cool things down with this frozen treat that also acts as a great drink stirrer. Using a stick-shaped ice cube tray, freeze blueberries and raspberries in water, and enjoy! Your guests will definitely be grateful for the cool down.


Want a treat that will have your guests asking for more? Try this red, white, and blue tiramisu.

Blueberries and strawberries take the place of the traditional flavors of this light and creamy tiramisu which makes this a great choice for summer festivities, plus there's no baking involved!

The Suburban Soapbox

Watermelon is the perfect way to cool yourself down on the 4th of July.

Get a little creative with a paring knife and write wonderful 4th of July messages to amaze your guests. You can even use them as a centerpiece!

Nothing says 4th of July like the freedom to tie dye!

Backyard pool parties are a classic way to celebrate the 4th of July with your friends and family. All you need to make this festive towel is a tie dye kit and some white towels. Follow the simple instructions and you'll have the perfect towel for your 4th of July celebration!

Live Free Creative Co

There's a good chance that every single one of you has a mason jar, or six of them, laying around your house somewhere.

So why not put them to good use? Using a bit of paint, create these patriotic red, white, and blue mason jars. You can use them as vases, centerpieces, or to hold your silverware like you see here. Your guests will surely appreciate the effort you put into it!

It All Started With Paint

Festive Jell-O cups with fresh fruit and whipped cream are easy to make.

Put layers of red and blue Jell-O with blueberries, strawberries, and whipped cream in clear glasses or bowls to make the perfect Jell-O fruit cups.

The First Year

Make sure that the kids are smiling from ear to ear with these tasty summer drinks.

Using three different colored kid-friendly drinks (or adult-friendly) create this patriotic punch. Don't forget to add the Twizzler for a straw!

Mom Endeavors

There's no reason why your plants shouldn't be able to feel patriotic right along with you.

Head to the store and purchase a terracotta pot, or you can use one that you already have. With a little red, white, and blue paint, your plants will be able to show their American spirit!

Lolly Jane

If you're not planting flowers or vegetables, then you just have a large amount of grass to work with.

So you might as well decorate it! Using spray paint (make sure that it's the kind that is used for marking grass, so as not to harm the grass), paint stars or a flag on your grass. Your guests will love that you went through the trouble to add all of the little details.

The Concrete Cottage

One of the best parts about the 4th of July is being able to eat a bunch off goodies without feeling guilty about it.

Using your favorite brownie recipe, make a large pan of brownies. You can either buy some white frosting from the store, or make your own. Spread the frosting across the brownie, and using your fresh blueberries and strawberries, arrange the fruit in the shape of the flag. Don't forget to put in the stripes by adding a bit more frosting!

Spicy Southern Kitchen

Who can resist these yummy patriotic cheesecake cookies?

These festive red, white, and blue decadent cheesecake cookies make the perfect dessert for any occasion really.

Yellow Bliss Road

Ice cream and the 4th of July go hand in hand.

And ice cream sandwiches are a classic frosty treat. Dip the ice cream sandwiches in red, white, and blue sprinkles before you serve them, and your guests will be more than happy to enjoy them!


You can't have a 4th of July party without a little bit of candy.

A candy bouquet, that is. Using a foam ball, a bucket, and a bunch of blue and red lollipops, you can give all of the kids at your party a delightful sugar rush before they go home!


There's never a time where chocolate covered strawberries don't make things better.

So that means, white chocolate covered strawberries, dipped in blue sprinkles, are sure to be a sensation at your 4th of July party. Just make sure you set some aside for yourself because your guests will most likely eat them all.

CrowdInk Food

It's a 4th of July party, so you have to make sure that there are flags around!

The great thing about this project is that it's perfect for keeping the kids busy. Using popsicle sticks, paint, and some sparkly star stickers, you and your kids can make these cute flags to wave around at the 4th of July parade!

A Pumpkin and a Princess

Create a station for fun activities in your backyard.

Set up a table in your backyard with canisters that say snap, crackle and pop. Put sparklers, bubbles, and snappers in the appropriate canister, and sit back to watch the kids (and hopefully the adults) have a blast!

Uncommon Designs

Photo booths are fun for just about any occasion, but especially for the 4th of July.

Search online for photo booth printables, attach them to dowels, and let the fun begin! Make sure that you take lots of pictures, too!

I Heart Naptime

Yes, the 4th of July is a time for remembrance, but it's also a time to party!

Make these yummy shots for your adult guests using Mike's Hard Lemonade, grenadine, and blue curaçao! You can also make a mocktail for the kids using lemonade, grenadine, and of course, some blue raspberry Kool-Aid.

A Beautiful Mess

It's not really a barbecue unless there's some hot dogs!

Create a Make Your Own Hot Dog station right in your backyard. Using patriotic labels, give your guests an endless amount of condiments to choose from.

I Heart Naptime

Waiting for the fireworks to start can make you feel a bit stir crazy.

Pass the time with a riveting game of backyard tic-tac-toe! Head to your local crafts store and buy wooden X's and O's. Paint them red, white and blue, and let the fun start! You can even spice things up a bit by turning it into a drinking game.

Everyone enjoys getting party favors, especially at a 4th of July party.

Instead of your typical party favors, give out sparklers, instead. Wrap some red, white and blue ribbon around a few sparklers, add a name tag, and join your guests in some sparkling magic.

Celebrate the 4th of July with these snacks that snap, crackle and pop, just like the fireworks.

Rice crispy treats are an all time favorite of ours. Melt some red, white and blue chocolate, and drizzle it all over the treats. Don't forget to add some festive sprinkles, as well.