She Won $188 Million Lottery. But Why Did Her Pastor Sue Her?

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Marie Holmes Thought Her Life Was On Track

Winning the lottery would be a dream come true for most of us. It would be a comforting feeling to be financially secure for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, falling into a large sum of money like that has its downfalls. People that you’ve trusted all your life suddenly turn into golddiggers. Money changes everyone, for better or worse. When Marie Holmes won $188 million dollars, she thought her life was finally on track. But Marie got to see first-hand what money can do to people.


We all know that the chances of winning a lottery jackpot are pretty slim. There are over 175,223,510 different combinations, which makes your chances around 1 in 175 million! Regardless of the odds, people still take the risk and of those people, a few of them reap the reward. Some people make a financial plan and others blow it all on expensive things and end up worse off than before. We’ve been told that the lottery is random, but is it really? One man doesn’t think so. He thinks he’s found the secret to winning it big.