This Cat Has Been Waiting Here For 10 Years… And No One Knows Why.

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At one sleepy tram stop in the Netherlands, you'll find a cat who has been waiting for the next tram for a decade.


His name is Ake, and hanging out at the stop has become his #1 hobby.


Ake's presence serves a purpose, too. In fact, all the commuters quite enjoy having a lovable cat to play with while they wait for the tram in the morning.


As a result, Ake's popularity has grown so much that he has his own Facebook page, where he is lovingly referred to as TramCat.

Tanya Huizer

People take amazing selfies with Ake, and then upload them to the Facebook page.


The results are much more epic than what you would expect from a morning commute.

Anela Mekic


Someone has also helped Ake claim his spot at the stop by placing a sign which reads: “Seat only to be used by black-and-white cat”.

The tram driver shared his thoughts about Ake in an interview. "I’ve driven past this stop for about 10 years and he’s been sitting there every day. A few months ago some of the Erasmus students and other local people discovered the little guy. Now the cat has his very own seat and people feed him. Quite regularly the cat will join us and board the tram for a bit. To make sure he doesn’t get lost, my colleagues will put him on a tram going back. Everyone knows where the cat has to be.

He actually gets ON the tram, like an actual human person."

Ake's loving owner is surprised by his fame, but says that the only downside is that people who feed him, a practice that isn't great for Ake.

That aside, Ake is definitely the king of the tram stop castle, and we love him for it.

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