He Started Out With A Disgusting Patio, But What He Ended Up With Is Amazing.


This is what the project looked like when it was complete.

Not all DIY projects are created equal. Some of them are decorative, easy craft projects that can be done in the course of an afternoon. Some are beauty-related directives on mixing potions and tinctures for great skin, hair, and nails. And some DIY projects are basically just small construction: They take time, patience, skill, and energy -- but the results can dramatically improve your home.

The following project is definitely the latter. It's an attempt to re-pave the back patio using nothing but some time-honored techniques and a good pair of hands. It's not easy, but his instructions talk you the entire way through it, and once it's done, it's a super nice addition to the house. If you think you can't pull of something this big, check out the project below and remember: It might be elaborate and difficult, but you'll never know if you can do it unless you try.

But how, exactly, did they go about doing it?