‘Elephant Guardian’ Delivers Water To Thirsty Animals, But It's A Difficult Job.

Patrick Mwalua goes out of his way every day to help animals get water.

Kenya’s Tsavo West National Park has been right in the middle of a terrible drought for quite some time now. When it doesn’t rain there isn't enough water generated for the wild animals that live there. This is a major problem that you really can’t do much about. After all, you can’t just MAKE it rain. Patrick Mwalua has come up with a solution though.

When he found out about the problem he decided to take action. Every single day he rents a truck, fills it with clean water and drives hours out to the park. He fills up the bone dry watering holes with the water to the delight of all of the wild animals that live nearby.

The animals have come to know the sound of his truck and now on many days there are hundreds of animals waiting for him when he gets there. They flock to him like little kids to an ice cream truck.

Since Patrick does this on his own it’s a pretty expensive venture. The rental of the truck every day can get quite expensive pretty quickly. A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help him out. So far a good amount of money has been raised but he still needs more help. He’d like to purchase his own truck to bring the expenses down a bit. Not many people deserve the money more than Patrick does.

Patrick drives several hours each day to bring water to the animals. The thirsty animals are always happy to see him.