Pawpaw Was Sad When His Grandkids Bailed On Him, The Internet’s Solution… YES!

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The relationship between grandfather and grandchildren is unlike any other, and those of us who still have our dear old granddads around should appreciate them -- not everyone is so lucky.

One grandfather named Pawpaw loves his grandkids so much, he regularly invites them over for dinner. However, things took a turn for the tearjerking when his granddaughter tweeted the following image:

Twitter went crazy for Pawpaw and his lonely hamburger night, some people even going so far as to hunt down the rest of the Harmon grandkids and harass them on Twitter. After all, if your grandfather invites you over for dinner, you should always, always go. Well, the heat surround Pawpaw and his uneaten burgers has died down, but not before Pawpaw had an excellent idea about what to do about his newfound viral fame: Naturally, he'd invite everyone (yes, everyone) over for a cookout.


How cool would it be to have a burger with Pawpaw?

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