This Lonely Penguin Was Lost, Look What The Horses Do To Make Him Feel Better.

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Apparently, the penguin had been separated from his group when the horses took notice of him.

When Sarah Crofts saw it, she could hardly believe her eyes.

Crofts is part of the Falklands Conservation Group, and she was out taking photos on the Cape Pembrokeshire Nature Reserve in the UK. That's when she came upon the most peculiar sight: A group of horses interacting with a single penguin.

"At first I couldn't believe what I was seeing," Crofts said in an interview. "I didn't think the horses would take much notice of the penguin but I couldn't believe how fascinated they were with it. I'm really enthusiastic about horses and penguins so it was an incredible moment to witness."

They approached him cautiously, as if they were thinking "Who is this guy, anyways?"

I have a feeling the penguin had his doubts as well.

In truth, it's not usual that you'd see something like this. Horses and penguins may live on the same planet, but they generally exist in two different worlds.

According to Crofts, the horses were acting adorably around the penguin: They'd check him out one-by-one, and then run off.

For his part, the penguin stayed relatively chill.

He even allowed the horses to surround him. I suppose there wasn't much else he could do.

By the end of their meeting, things had gotten quite comfortable between the horses and the penguin.

Although the penguin being separated from his group is unusual, it's not strange to see a penguin in these parts. The Falklands boast a penguin population of about 500,000 breeding pairs of penguins. Hopefully, this one made his way back to his clan - but in the meantime, this unlikely meeting is pretty adorable.

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