This ¼ Billion Dollar Penthouse Is Insane Enough… Until You See The Pool.


The Tour Odeon skyscraper in Monoco has a 5-story penthouse with a price-tag of $387 million… making it the most expensive penthouse ever built. At 170 meters high, Tour Odeon is also the second highest building on Europe’s Mediterranean coast.

This penthouse stretches over five levels and is a whopping 35,500 square feet. It has 5 main bedroom, a 360 degree view of Monaco, rooftop infinity pool, health center, and caterer. There are also 3 bedrooms for the staff, because with a place this big, you’re gonna need a few maids.

Here’s the private infinity pool accessed by the second floor of the penthouse. It has a slide and a view of the ocean.

I can't get over that it's 35,500 square feet. What?! Can you imagine what the electricity bill would be? Share this with your friends, because it's fun to dream.