27 Photos To Show There Is Finally Order In The World.

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A gradient of iced coffee in an ice cube tray.

A perfectionist is a person that refuses to accept anything short of perfection.

It's very hard for a person to be perfect. In fact, it's impossible. There's too many different perspectives and opinions for even just one person to be perfect in everyone's eyes. People, however, can organize objects into perfection.

Perfectionist or not, seeing objects neatly organized together can bring a person a lot of fulfillment that they didn't expect to feel. Whether it's an assortment of color coordinated items or an arrangement of just neatly placed items, there's just something about these layouts that might make you feel a type of way.

We know it has that effect on us. Check out the photos below and see what effect it has on you.

Perfectly transitioning from a creamy color to the darkest of browns.

Adam Hillman