This Missing Cat DOUBLED In Weight After Finding The Perfect Hiding Place.

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If you're going to disappear from your family home for 16 months, you'd better have a good place in mind to take refuge. Luckily, this cat was smart enough to do just that.

His name is Clive, and he's a Norwegian Forest Cat who disappeared all those months ago from his home in Nottinghamshire, central England. His family, including owner Tanya Irons, thought they'd never see Clive again.

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Little did they know that this clever kitty had taken up residence at the one place he could survive for all this time: A 20,000 square foot pet food factory. According to factory employees, he must have hidden during the day, feasted at night, and subsequently congratulated himself for being so brilliant. Check out Clive's story below.

A warm welcome home for Clive, the cat. He turned up in a Nottingham pet food warehouse, 16 months after going missing. Clive was a kitten when he disappeared and Tanya, his owner, is delighted to have him back.

Posted by BBC East Midlands Today on Thursday, February 4, 2016

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