Peter Pan’s Hideout Is Available For Rent On AirBnB. This Will Make You Feel Young Again.

Situated in the heart of Atlanta (but still surrounded by lush greenery) is a magical place right out of a fairytale. More specifically, it calls Peter Pan's hideout to mind, the place he retreats to with his lost boys and plans all of his adventures. This amazing treehouse is actually three separate rooms, connected by rope bridges strewn with twinkling lights (Tinkerbell, is that you?) The inside of each room is luxurious and comfortable, with modern day amenities and amazing views out into the forest.

So, whose place it it? Well, it could be yours. This Peter Pan retreat is actually available for rent on AirBnB, so if you book it you never have to grow up (or at least not for a minimum two-night stay). Because this dreamy hideaway is located so close to the city, it's a perfect place to retire after an exciting day in sprawling Atlanta - or you could just post up here in Neverland.

The best part? The guy who owns this place is named Peter. Coincidence? Probably not.