25 Of Our Favorites From This Year’s National Geographic Photo Contest.


Where’s the bathroom again?

It’s that time of the year again. The National Geographic Photo Contest is going on and the deadline to enter is October 31, 2014, so you still have time to send in your best shots. Here’s some of our favorites.

"Group of King Penguins walking through rivers of blowing sand on a beach at Volunteer Point in the Falkland Islands.” K. Elliott Kreisler

K. Elliott Kreisler / National Geographic

Pretty please can I have some bacon bits?

“I was in Vatican, Rome, when I saw this beautiful dog with his owner. There was something about the character of this animal I couldn’t explain [in any] other way than to try to take a photograph.” -Miodrag Bodlovic

Miodrag Modlovic / National Geographic

I’m going to win, I can feel it!

“After the 30 years banning import large motorcycle, in 2007, the Taiwan government reopened the import licensing of the motorcycle displacement over 550 cubic centimeter. Those large bikes, which were never seen before, were strange thought and treated unequally frequently. However, those adversity will not stop those enthusiastic bike riders from chasing the road of freedom.” -火花 羅

火花 羅 / National Geographic

The original kung-fu master: The preying mantis.

“When the Mediterrenean Mantis opened its wings, It seemed very impressive at the sunshine.” -Hasan Baglar

Hasan Baglar / National Geographic

Excuse m-me. May I have s-some ch-chips?

“Came across this little guy on a hike in Glacier National Park and he was more than interested in our lunch, although to his [dismay] he received none. I brought the camera out because he was so darn cute and his attention then turned to my camera and he was equally entertained by the lens.” -Shane Kalyn

Shane Kalyn / National Geographic

Aww, c’mon guys! Seriously?!

“This picture was taken in South Africa. We went on a safari and this lion got stuck in a tree while watching his family walk off in the distance. It was taken while the sun was setting under low light.” -Nathan Stone

Nathan Stone / National Geographic

You can’t see me, I’m a tiger!

“A trained Siberian Tiger runs straight at me on a cold January day. His large paws carry his impressive body through the snow with incredible ease. He is looking at me. I am lying down in the snow to get a low angle. Although I know he is trained, my heart is pounding at the sight of this amazing predator closing in.” -Michel Zoghzoghi

Michel Zoghzoghi / National Geographic

No one saw me fall. Nope, don’t look!

“We had the most amazing experience walking with polar bears in Churchill and met ‘Scarbrow’ who is approx 5 year old male and the antics he performed to try and distract us were just amazing and it was a privilege to be so close to a wild polar bear.” -Angela Farnsworth

Angela Farnsworth / National Geographic

Another fox for dinner, whatever..

“l had a chance to photograph a puma at very close distance in Bozeman. When a puma focus a target, its very impressive to watch its concentration, eyes, speed, opening his paws and nails.” -Serhat Demiroglu

Serhat Demiroglu / National Geographic

We’ve got each other’s back

“The adorable Puffin birds were totally ignoring one another. It looked like one bird with two heads.” -Beverly Copen

Beverly Copen / National Geographic

Own the night!

“This is Nippon Maru at Osanbashi pier. That night, the town in Yokohama was wrapped in a deep fog. And the light of the town was shining with fog fantastically.” -Katsuyoshi Nakahara

Katsuyoshi Nakahara / National Geographic

It’s not my party and I’ll dance if I want to!

“Beakehead night in Calgary. Stampede for geeks. Many people came to celebrate. Everyone was having there. This dancer was not a part of a program. She was dancing by her own.”-Denis Semenov

Denis Semenov / National Geographic

The earth has gas too but it looks like this.

“Heading out to Spouting Horn on the south side of Kaua’i I had the opportunity to capture an image that had been in my mind for years. Given the appropriate conditions I ventured out on the rocks. Which, given the circumstances is a bit eery. The water pushing through the cracks in the rock also makes whistles and noises that aren’t near the spout itself. Has I settled in and began to shoot I had to adjust my initial idea as the street lights nearby were casting a glow on to the scene. I decided to combine this with a gelled flash and after about an hour achieved the result here.” -Aaron Feinberg

Aaron Feinberg / National Geographic

Joy from the simple things in life.

“A small child shyly playing with sticks and grass on a desolate beach in Divilacan, Northern Luzon, Philippines. Indigenous people living in this region continually face poverty, marginalization, resource exploitation and political instability. Regardless of her hardships there is a glimmer of innocence in her eyes.” -Kathryn Thompson

Kathryn Thompson

Who? Are you? Who?

“Mother and baby owl in the nest.” -Glen Hush

Glen Hush / National Geographic

Then God said, “You thought fireworks were cool.”

“We meet this rare show displayed by aurora near the lake in Jokulsarlon of Iceland.” -Chen Kyo

Chen Kyo

Nom, nom, I like tea, nom, nom.

“Castro”, our 7-month old kitten biting off a green tea leaf after fighting with himself to catch it for few minutes! His vivid canines show his wild but cute nature!” -Marwa Akoush

Marwa Akoush / National Geographic

Hey, um… hi.

“Capturing this gentle giant’s inquisitive nature was rather easy as he swam right up to us and just stared for several long seconds. I love all the bubbles and his cute little face.” -Misty Gage

Mist Gage

My momma is bigger than yours!

“A newborn polar bear cub explores its magical new world, while keeping close to Mom.” -Jonathan Huyer

Jonathan Huyer / National Geographic

But, I need the candy! I need it!

“A young girl throws a temper tantrum in a Bangkok shopping mall. June, 2014″ -Adam Birkan

Adam Birkam

Oh, I need a break. Get me a diet coke.

“This Weddell Seal had hauled its self out onto a snowy ice shelf in the Antarctic Peninsula. At first it was fast asleep, but after some patient waiting it began to wake up. Upon waking the seal inquisitively scratched and popped its head up to get a better look at who I was and what i was doing. In this shot it appears to be placing its flipper towards its chin, as if in deep thought.” -Kristian Parton

Kristian Parton

Whoa, check out Stacy’s mom guys.. she’s got it goin’ on!

“This image captures some of the friendly residents of Singapore Botanic Gardens.” -Julie Mullock

Julie Mullock / National Geographic

I am the real Kung-fu Panda!

“Two Polar bear cubs full of adrenaline on iceflow in Svalbard. The mother was just trying to have a quiet stroll but the cubs were not having any of that.This was the male cub and he just was so entertaining to watch.” -Colin Mackenzie

Colin Mackenzie / National Geographic

‘Sup, bro.

“In the rainforest of Africa inhabited by the last individuals of a species that in the past had to be very large, the Mandrillus. Today the species is seriously endangered by the illegal bushmeat trade and the destruction of its last refuges.” -José Mingorance

Jose Mingorance / National Geographic

No share animal pictures? I come for you!


Patita Larios/ National Geographic

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