This Looks Like An Insanely Delicious Sandwich… But Your Mind Is Playing A Trick On You.

At first glance, these images look like photos of the most mouthwatering, life-changing meals to ever exist. But before you start Googling and trying to find out just where exactly you can obtain these marvelous comestibles, there's something you should know: These aren't photographs, they're paintings.

Tjalf Sparnaay is the artist behind these amazing paintings. Using oil paints, Sparnaay paints everything from lobsters, to sandwiches, to awesomely accurate portraits of your favorite condiments He pays acute attention to detail in an attempt to get the viewer to see even the subtlest nuances in his work. His paintings are meant to bring beauty and life to everyday things that might go unnoticed. He calls this technique "Megarealism." The first thing you'll notice is that the finished products looks mega-delicious. Check out his amazing work below - the sandwiches actually made my stomach start growling!