There’s A 200ft Bunny Lying Atop A Mountain In Italy, And You Can See It On Google Earth.

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From this angle, it doesn't look like much -- but this is one of the oddest and most interesting tourist attractions in the world.

When we think of installation art, images of minimal, industrial-style sculptures in urban spaces usually come to mind. The truth is, though, that installation work can come in any and all forms -- even a human being can be part of an installation. It's the sort of art that pushes the boundaries of what art really can be, and this particular piece of work only proves that point even further.

It's in an unexpected place, the gorgeous foothills of a mountain in Italy. It's also an unexpected subject -- large, soft pink bunnies aren't exactly considered art in many highly conceptual artistic circles. However, what one Viennese collective created here is something pretty special: It's unique, made from biodegradable materials, and fully accessible and interactive with people that come through. Check out the story of the pink bunny below -- and find out why you should try to see it soon, because it won't be around much longer.


Here's a much better shot. The enormous pink bunny with its arms open to the sky is located on the 5,000-foot hills on Italy's Colletto Fava mountain.

The idea of the art work is to make the bunny look like it fell off the mountain -- but the resulting sculpture doesn't look frightening or gruesome at all.


The rabbit was knitted by an artist collective from Vienna. The collective is called Gelitin.


The soft sculpture is about 200 feet long, and 20 feet thick. The material is soft, and intended for people to climb on and relax.


It's also waterproof to put up with weather conditions, and filled with straw to dry quickly.

The bunny first showed up in 2005, and when it was brand new, it was bright pink. Now, time and wear have turned it kind of a soft, dusty grey-pink, but it's still as cool as it ever was.

**Here's another fun fact: This installation is so big, you can actually see it from Google Earth! Check out the video below to see this sculpture from high above.**

The craziest part about this installation? It's made from natural materials, which are planned to degrade and disappear entirely by 2025. Better get there and visit this badass pink bunny on the mountain while you still can!

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