Baking Projects That Didn’t Turn Out Like The Photos. The Cookie Monster One Had Me In Tears.


Rice krispie treats, are you kidding me? I’ve made them so many times!

Pinterest is one of the best places on the internet for ideas and inspiration for home decorating, DIY crafts, recipes, and baking. Here some photos of attempts people made to re-create baking masterpieces they found on Pinterest.

Chick pops. I GOT THIS!

Pancake bears. Oh YES!

This is TOO easy! I can do this blindfolded!

This is gonna be the best minion cake ever! The birthday boy will be so surprised!

Frog pops. Piece of cake!


This cocktail has to be easy to make, right?

My daughter is SO gonna love this!

That’s one scary shark, look at those teeth!

How hard can this be?

An octopus pie should be easy enough!

That’s one sweet little lamb cake.

Betty Crocker just died laughing.

But this one is close… if you look from far away!

This looks so simple, a young child could do it!

S’mores. I can’t possibly mess this up!

This looks like a good idea!


Shark cupcakes are easy!

How hard can it be?

A two-layer cake, easy enough!

Bunny biscuits. This is so simple, I have all the confidence in the world!

Pumpkin balls. I GOT This!

This is too funny and it makes me feel a little better about my baking skills. If this made you smile, SHARE them with your friends.