26 Terrifying Photos Of Vicious Pit Bulls. Especially #12.


Some people think pit bulls are vicious. Does he look vicious to you?

A orphaned baby pit bull named Noland was nursed by Lurleen the cat at the Cleveland Animal Shelter. Doesn’t look like a natural born killer, does he?

This 12-year-old pit bull is so sweet to other animals. He wouldn’t hurt a flea.

Pit bulls are chick magnets, like this one.

But it all depends on how you raise them.

This 125-pound pit bull is this baby’s best friend.

The owner of this pit bull was trying to sell his house, but a potential buyer wouldn’t come into the back yard because the pit bull “was ready to attack.”

How could anyone say no to this sweet face?

Meet Dozer. Because he is part pit bull most parents won’t let their kids touch him, and other people pull their dogs away. They assume he is dangerous, but all he ever wants to do is play.

The truth is pit bulls are just like people… some love to snuggle.

Some are very affectionate.

Some are mean…

Some like to get dressed up like this one named Titan who always has a tuxedo on. Just add a bow tie.

Here’s a pit bull photobomb.

Awwww. This pit bull puppy will kill you with cuteness.

Some pit bulls are like little babies.

Some protect little babies.

They make the best pets…

…as long as they get LOVE and attention and a bath once in awhile.

A co-workers dog got loose and we nearly got puppy-eyed to death.

Okay, so they can make messes too.

But it’s all worth it. Just look at that smile!

Here’s a pit bull meeting her new friend.

Here’s one snuggling with a cat.

Oh no! Another attack by a pit bull!

Did you know that Pete the pup from Our Gang was a pit bull?


Here’s a extra one from one of our readers. This is Nami. He likes to attack… 

Ryan Miller

… the waves!

Ryan Miller

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