Pizza Hut Did Something To Their Delivery Boxes That Needs To Be Seen To Be Believed.

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Pizza Hut is one of the most well known pizza brands in the United States, and it's origins are totally all-American. It was founded by two Wichita State University students in 1958 in a small brick house in Kansas. Since then, the brand has gone international, with over 11,000 location worldwide.

Now, Pizza Hut Hong Kong has just released another pizza-related innovation that is sure to delight Pizza Hut lovers. Essentially, they've developed a way to turn a pizza box into a smartphone projector, and it is basically the most awesome thing ever. Each box comes with a special curved lens that slides into the side of the box. Then, you use that little plastic pizza protector to rest you phone while magnifying and projecting images out of the side.

Sadly, the projector pizza box is only in a trial run, but clearly, Pizza Hut has some big things cooking in the future. Hopefully that includes some more quirky stunts stateside.


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