Plastic Surgeon Reveals Why She Didn’t Shower For A Month After Giving Birth.

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Terry Loong is a doctor, and like most doctors, she knows her body and what it needs like no one else.

The amount of times people shower per day varies, but it's safe to say that most people will shower at least once a day. Now, if you ask any doctor, they'll tell you that hygiene is very important. You would certainly think that washing after a grueling exercise would be a wise idea. But what about washing after giving birth? Before you say yes, you should know that one doctor named Terry Loong thought differently after she gave birth to her first child. Not only did she not shower immediately after, but she waited an entire month before doing so, and this was the reasoning behind her decision.

So, when she gave birth to her first baby, the 40-year-old mom decided that her body needed some time to heal itself after the ordeal. In order to do that, she opted not to wash for her first month as a mother.

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