Meet The Man Who Has Spent 20 Years Building A Cat Playground For His 22 Rescued Kitties.

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Cohen, co-founder of Trilium Enterprises, lives in a 3,000 square foot cat heaven in Goleta, California, with his 22 felines.

Pets make a great addition to any family. They bring immeasurable love and joy to their humans and the feeling is mutual. What is even more special is when the animals are rescued from a life of hardships.

Cats have a magical power over their pet owners. Despite their nonchalant and sometimes aloof demeanour, these felines make their persons do just about anything for them to make life that much more happy. Peter Cohen wanted to make sure his cats loved living at home with him, to the point he took his building skills and experience to do the ultimate house transformation.

The cat mansion has 150 feet of catwalks, spiral staircases, tunnels, perches, and anything to keep his crew of whiskers happy and active.

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Cohen was originally a dog lover but he fell in love with two feral cats who would often visit his house.

Sadly, one of the cars was killed in a car accident. The second animal was left severely injured, depressed, and alone.

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Cohen and his roommate decided to adopt a cat to keep the sad one company and hopefully cheer it up.

From there on, the cat family just kept growing and the four-bedroom house was remodelled to make it into the purrfect paradise.


"We’ve been building catwalks for 20 years and have learned a great deal from our cats what they like and do not like," says Cohen.

They are also very careful on the type of cat they adopt. "We try to take the kittens that other people don’t want, especially kittens that have been traumatized," he told the Huffington Post.

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The first catwalk was built in the master bedroom in 1997 and it just kept going from there.

He estimates he has spent over $40,000 for the catwalks alone.

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"Way more expensive than a sane person would build, but I didn’t care," he reveals. "I love my cats, my house and art, so I designed it to be beautiful to me."

He admits it was easy for him to renovate his home to be cat friendly since he is a builder professionally. "I would often trade tools with some of the finish carpenters who would build the catwalks in their down time. We would figure out something fun to build and they would then have pretty much free license to be creative," he says.

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Cohen says it's not easy to turn cats in need away.

"It is just so hard to not want to give a home to cats that need one. So now I stay far away from anywhere that has kittens for adoption," he admits. "We only adopt kittens because it is easier to introduce them into our house. I often see ads searching for homes for cats and feel bad we cannot take them as well."

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For Cohen, he sees remodelling his home as way to give thanks to the love he receives.

"Giving rescued cats a better life means giving them a place that is solely their own. They give us unconditional love, and building the catwalks is one way of expressing my gratitude for that," he says.

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