Her Daddy Was Surprised When She Didn’t Want To Play Chase Anymore. Too Cute!

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Playtime between parent and child is an important part of a youngster’s development.

One father in Seoul, South Korea, has captured many heartwarming videos of his two daughters. Kwanyoung Park, aka Bobaepapa, is a software engineer and an adoring papa who produces clips of the duo in their everyday life on YouTube. One video in particular has a cuteness factor that is off the charts.

This video is a collection of clips where he is playing with his then, 14-month-old daughter, Yerin. In the video, Yerin goes into her parents’ bedroon, only to be surprised by her dad. Once she sees her dad, the reaction is always the same with her running out of the room, giggling with delight.

However, in one instance, the reaction is not what Babaebona is expecting. Maybe Yerin has had enough or wants to turn the table on her dad, but the result is hilarious. Bobaebona admits, after that moment, Yerin no longer wants to play the game.

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