Meet The Cutest Animal You’ve Never Heard Of… The Photos Will Make You AWWW.

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Australia has six types of quolls. They vary in size, fur color, and habitat.

Australia is a stunning country full of beautiful beaches and hot climate. 83% of the mammals are endemic to the area, not found anywhere in the planet. One such creature is the quoll: the small marsupial has the spots of a deer and the size of a small cat. British explorer Captain James Cook recorded the name ‘quoll’ in 1770 from a local aboriginal name. Other settlers, however, also referred to quolls as ‘native cats.’

The nocturnal animal is not the most social. Preferring to live a solitary life, this spotted creature only mingles during mating season, which is in the winter. Not sure how well the quoll would fare as a pet, but its definitely one of the cutest animals coming out of Australia.

The Crimson Rabbit

Due to urban development, these creatures are considered endangered species.

Caversham Wildlife Park

Some of the predators this adorable animal has to deal with are snakes, alligators, and cane toads.

Jillian Mills

Their pink noses, long snouts, and spots give them a look that sets them apart from other mammals.

Brooke Whatnall

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