It Was A Quiet Day At The Pool... Until This Delightful Rascal Showed Up.

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The New Zealand sea lion, also known as the Hooker's sea lion, is considered the most threatened sea lion in the world because of their declining numbers and limited breeding areas.

The animals are usually found on New Zealand’s sub-antarctic islands and on the beaches in Otago and Southland areas. But last week, one rogue sea lion made his way from the beach, through the main door, past reception, and through more doors to the crowded St Clair Salt Water Pool in Dunedin.


A man with hockey sticks attempted to deter the sea lion from making its way to the pool, but the sea lion was determined. The animal jumped into the kiddie pool for a quick dip and dove into the big pool as onlookers cheered and laughed.

That's the sealiest thing I've seen all day!

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