Twitter Page #PossumEveryHour Is Showing A Side Of Possums Many Don't See.

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Average Litter Of Opossum is 8 or 9 Babies

Many people are afraid of opossums. Some think of a gross, creepy, ugly creature with beady eyes and sharp teeth when they hear the word "possum". But opossums are none of those things. Thanks to the Twitter page #PossumEveryHour, a whole new light is being shed on these creatures of the night. If you've heard of nothing but negative things about these interesting and helpful animals, keep reading to learn a little bit of truth that will most likely make you feel completely different.

Eleven to thirteen days after mating, the female opossum may birth 20 babies, but the average litter is 8 to 9 babies. At birth, the embryonic-looking pink babies are so tiny that 20 of them could fit into a teaspoon.

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