24 Useful Tattoos That Have A Practical Application.

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Eyesight Checking Table

A lot of people today like to get tattoos for a number of reasons. That's why they're so popular. Some might get one to honor someone special in their lives, some might get one to signify a milestone in their lives, or some simply get them just to have them as art on their body. Although none of these tattoos sound particularly useful to these people, they're still very much special to them.

There are, however, tattoos that exist that are actually used in a practical way. Usually these tattoos are useful to people in particular professions or people who might find themselves in specific situations. Some tattoos could even save a person's life in a life or death crisis where the person's unknown medical conditions are needed.

Take a look below at some of the most handy and practical tattoos a person could have. Who knows, maybe it'll help you think of a practical tattoo idea for yourself.

Not a practical tattoo for everyone, but this portable eyesight checker would be great for ophthalmologists who travel around a lot or live on the countryside.