20 Ideas For Announcing Your Pregnancy, #9 Is Hilarious… But We Don’t Recommend It.


They had a fruit salad after this photo was taken.

It used to be that couples would announce their pregnancy to family and friends during a meal or by simply making a phone call. Today, expecting parents are relying on the magic of photography and comedic genius to share the news.

Whether it’s the first baby or the third, men and women playfully welcome the new addition, and chapter in their lives. They are off to a good start because as any parent knows, you will need to have a good sense of humor to raise kids. Take a look at some of the very best pregnancy announcements.

Clean up in aisle 9.

You are never truly ready.

This one is pretty obvious.

Is pregnancy contagious?

We can assume he's knocked out cold from pure joy.

Best way to clean up your act.

Double the trouble, double the fun.

Not the typical way babies are made.

Sympathy cravings.

Everyone knows there is no owner's manual!

Soon-to-be older sibling.

Foretelling the future.

No tools required.

The newest cat will have the run of the house.

Mommy is a pro!

This is so wrong.

Riding in style.

Little helper.

He'll learn to love the baby in due time.

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