The World’s Best Pre-School Has A Leaky Roof, When You Find Out Why You’ll Be Impressed.

The Dai-ichi Yochien preschool in Kumamoto City, Japan has included playing in puddles as part of their curriculum.

It is no secret that kids love puddles. Whether they are wearing the appropriate apparel to jump, dance or run through them is a moot point. Kids and puddles go together like jam and bread.

The preschool, Dai-Ichi Yochien, in Kumamoto City, Japan was designed to encourage as much splashing as possible. The building structure’s open concept has a courtyard that collects rainwater, creating a splatter pool. In the winter it can be turned into an ice rink and on warm dry days, it can be used to play sports like badminton or softball.

The school, designed by architecture firm and brand Youji No Shiro + Hibino Sekkei, also added other neat new concepts. For example, parents purchase their child’s desk and chair that they take with them when they graduate. With a school this cool, I can’t imagine any child wanting to call in sick.